24 November 2011

Good Eats In Berlin

 *best Lemon Cheesecake in the World*
*ging ruck zuck* 

We found this little charming Tea&Cake shop near the Oraniernburgerstr. I remember walking past it a few days but then it was aptly called the Cheesecake Factory but I believe it re-opened/re-named itself Princess Cheesecake and to be honest it doesn't really matter because the cakes are all amazing. They are tiny little creations looking like they were made with love, needless to say we stayed for hours. As Penny would say that place is Amaaahzing! So if you need a quiet minute enjoy cake and tea go and visit this place :) In the evening we went to Friedrichshain to this American Restaurant called The Bird,  where i had a mahoosive Burger called Da Birdhouse. I nearly went for the Ghetto Burger. Crazy. American Portion Sizes.

Ich hatte echt Entzugserscheinungen, obwohl ich nicht der  größte Tee fan bin brauchte ich unbedingt eine Tasse Earl Gray's. Zum Glück  haben wir uns dann in diesen Tea&Cake shop verlaufen. Der Zitronentart war einfach zu lecker! Abends ging es dann nochmals nach Friedrichshain wo wir alle ausgiebig Amerikanisch aßen oh yeahh :) 

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