13 April 2012

Nubian Virgin Hair Review

Hey everyone :)
I don't know maybe its me but I do have hesitations about buying stuff online, trust me it took ages for me to actually come to terms with Internet shopping. But I think with hair it's a different story, when buying hair I like to touch, run my finger through it and just generally get a feel for it. So I was even more happy that I could actually see the hair before buying it. 

In the end I went for Peruvian hair because I felt that it resembled my hair texture when relaxed. I got 3 bundles in the lengths 14, 16, 18- I must say I was advised to use 4 packs for better volume, but I felt that 3 packs were enough. In the end I didn't even use all 3 packs...I must have a small head lol...

Before i say more i want to say that I don't believe that there's such thing as virgin Peruvian/Brazilian  hair etc. Sure Indian Temple hair exists and some vendors may genuinely only sell hair that is 'real virgin-hair', but for the most part it is likely to be Human Hair 'manufactured' in china. I have nothing against that as it does the job, you can dye and curl it and it holds pretty well.

Now Nubian Virgin Hair
When i ran my fingers through it, it was soft and voluminous. it did have a slight corn chip smell to it but nothing that a few washes couldn't fix. I co-washed the hair and i must say i was pleasantly surprised, no black residue whatsoever. I'm only mentioning this because i did notice that the hair was coloured into a 1b, some hair was lighter in some parts some was light brown. I actually liked that. What also surprised me was that there were many white strands of hair, perhaps it was plastic or perhaps it was something else, but it didn't/doesn't bother to me that much. I also sealed the wefts prior to installing.

- Lovely texture and very full
-Dyes very easily
-doesn't tangle (as of yet 4 weeks) 
- A bottle off deep cleansing shampoo was included into the purchase
- the hair came with instructions
- any questions I had were answered, in fact the customer service was incredible!

- The shedding ( the longer lengths shed quite a bit. the weft seemed to be not as tight. though the shedding is not as extreme as beauty supply hair) 

 I did mention it to her ( shedding) and she did say that she would look into it. I'm going to be completely honest and say that although it did shed, the texture, the colour and just the general feel of the hair is amazing.  It does everything i want it to do. I really hope that the issue with the shedding will be resolved so i can get more :) *Sorry for not including a picture of me wearing the hair but just look at my last 2 posts*

Call them they're situated in Birmingham or contact them via Facebook
Facebook/Nubian Hair

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