1 August 2012

Beauty Tip: DIY Vitamin C Face Mask

vitamin c powder. (available in Boots)

 My flatmate Elin  told me that the reason for her flawless luminous skin is a home-made Vitamin C mask, surely I had to test it out myself. I only knew Vitamin c as the Flu Killer, but on further research i found out that Vitamin C might be one of the best vitamins out there for the skin. Vitamin C is the key to factor to the production of collagen, it also repairs the skin, making it more even, brighter and luminous!  The Mask is also good if you suffer from a sunburn. 

All you need for it are 3 simple ingredients : Honey, Vitamin C Powder and Water. 

Step 1: Add a tiny tiny squeeze of honey into a small bowl 

Step 2: Add half a tb of Vitmain c Powder to it ( at this point the consistency should be quite sticky and not too runny) 

Step 3 (optional) Add a tiny drop of water ( this really depends on how you like the consistency of it, if you prefer a more sticky and not to runny consistency skip this step) 

It should look like this by now

Now just apply it all over your face, leave it for 15-20 mins. Wash it off...and thats it! 

My opinion: I must say i was pleasantly surprised, i knew that honey was good for your skin but i never heard of the whole vitamin c saga. I've applied this mask 4 times so far and i must say it works! My face is a bit brighter and more even but i just love how glowing it is (my skin that is) . So i'll definitely recommend this. Thank you Elin for this tip! 



Oreleona said...

wow this is a very good tip! gonna try this! THanks so much!

LINDA said...

Such a great tip! <3


Linda from www.moonon.com

Anonymous said...

Omg ! I tried it it works!!

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