17 September 2012

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette Review 05

Sleek have launched their new website ( its great, i love how there are now swatches of the products), along with the new launch they were giving 20% off purchases. Naturally i got some stuff. I stumbled upon this their corrector and concealer palette, now I've not seen this product in Superdrug nor have i seen any reviews on it. ( though i must say that I might have missed the release of this product, makeup wise i am/was living under a rock in Germany) 

I thought they were all creamy, surprisingly the last and lightest shade is powder.


I have to say that I'm disappointed in this product. It doesn't deliver at all.  the concealer is too sheer to conceal any imperfections. I won't be purchasing it again. it creases like crazy, even after applying Mac's Prep and Prime +.  Perhaps I'll use it as a 'eye brow perfecter', highlighting my brow bone and such... I wouldn't advise buying this product if you actually want to conceal any imperfections. 

...yeahh no outfit post for a while now...yh...the internship has been quite intense. I was meant to finish last week, yet they wanted me to stay on a bit longer ( I'm not sure whether it's because I'm good or the fact that i work for free, probs. the latter). I couldn't pass on the chance as its quite a reputable firm, so as a consequence i missed out on many great things happening this week in London *le grande sigh* 

ich weiss ich weiss noch ein Makeup Review... und schon wieder sleek....
dieses neue Produkt ( Concealer)  von sleek würde ich überhaupt nicht weiterempfehlen, es deck kaum. Schade. Bald kommen hoffentlich ein paar Outfit photos :) 



Anonymous said...

Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.

Anna B. said...

--- if you state my blog as the source, sure :)

Zaynab said...

Fab xoxo

Eli aka NC said...

Hi, what shade is this palette? xoxo

Sia said...

Thank s for this, I'm also thinking of doing reviews.

Kerry said...

Hi, is it me or are the before and after pictures the exact same picture..?

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