11 October 2012

Germany Haul

I recently picked up some items in Berlin. As soon as I found out that I would be heading to the city, I already mind-shopped NYX products. I also went to Kiko and picked up quite a few items. I like that Kiko is affordable yet is good quality.

I'm really liking the Lanc├┤me 24h Foundation. I use so little and it goes such a long way. Its weightless, i can barely feel it on my face. Nowadays I'm really up for the natural look. 'The No-Makeup Look'- fresh dewy skin, subtle lips and even softer eyes. Though I can't resist 'Berry/Burgundy Lips' at the moment either...

Also, dont you think that this blog is turning/has turned into a beauty blog? 



Sharon said...

Great haul, love evrything u bought u r right abt lancomes 24hr its become a holy grail for me since feb,I love it!

Ur blog is wonderful I likey a lot!

Kimberly said...

Great stuff!

I'm actually looking for a new foundation because I'm kind of over the MAC Shades. I think NARS will be my next choice but will definitely be looking into Lancome, as well!


Rhea Dillon said...

So jealous I've wanted to try NYX lip products for ages!


Sia said...

I love essie nail polish

Emie Lim said...

Great haul! I think you have got great products here. I love the colors and I am interested in trying out these products too. But I guess, one by one.

Sabra said...

Hey hope you reply to this. What is that Kiko blush I see called? Great haul.

Anna B. said...

@Sabra the Blush called "Soft Touch Blush" in 107 :)

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