21 October 2012

Sunday Randomness

Coat- Topshop 

I have no idea what I was thinking here, this picture just gives me major laughs. God knows what what went through my mind here when i pressed the button. I finally finally settled in London. Hurray! The magnitude of the city is immense. I'm German so i like walking for long periods, but this city is so big that it's near impossible to get from one end to the other. Back hone, if you walk 10 minutes into any direction you're essentially in another county, here not so much...

Plus, isn't it great that its cold now and we can wear fabulous coats and thick jumpers ??? 

Hi Leute! 
Endlich bin ich in London angekommen, und es ist wahr was man über das englische Wetter so hört  Ich glaube nicht dass es diese Woche trocken war. Wie kann es konstant 2 Wochen lang regnen...???

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