21 October 2012

Sunday Randomness

Coat- Topshop 

I have no idea what I was thinking here, this picture just gives me major laughs. God knows what what went through my mind here when i pressed the button. I finally finally settled in London. Hurray! The magnitude of the city is immense. I'm German so i like walking for long periods, but this city is so big that it's near impossible to get from one end to the other. Back hone, if you walk 10 minutes into any direction you're essentially in another county, here not so much...

Plus, isn't it great that its cold now and we can wear fabulous coats and thick jumpers ??? 

Hi Leute! 
Endlich bin ich in London angekommen, und es ist wahr was man über das englische Wetter so hört  Ich glaube nicht dass es diese Woche trocken war. Wie kann es konstant 2 Wochen lang regnen...???



Zaynab said...

That red coat suits you ! Omg, it's gorgeous xoxo

Jess said...

love that jacket! and yeh it is great that we can wear amazing coats and jumpers..my fave

glad you decided to stay in london, it's a great city. i don't get to visit it often enough

Lady B said...

Aaaaah, you are in my old city of residence. Have fun and enjoy Topshop! I don't like winter, but I do like autumn because I can layer pieces and wear statement winter tights which I chop into leggings... I also get to wear my lace hooded cloak, and get into the whole Vamp side of things...

That girl; Saadiya said...

Love your coat, the colour is great :)So jealous that you're traveling around like this! I want to move to London so much right now you have no idea haha. Are you studying there? Have fun! :)
Saadiya x

Rhea Dillon said...

Such a nice coat and welcome to London :)


Amanda said...

OMG I need a coat like that... Oh did you move to London... I was in London like two weeks ago, and I totally wanna move there... are you studying or working, how its to live there? Sorry for asking too much =)

Shari said...

I love love the coat! You look awesome!! :)

New follower here!!

The Misty Mom

Chi-Chi said...

lovely coat x


Sia said...

Love the colour

Amandine said...

wunderschönes mantel!! ich habe gerade eine Bestellung noch bei topshop gemacht, aber ich habe es noch nicht bageschick, ich gucke dass das Mantel auch mal im korb landet!! :)

Khloé K. said...

love ur outfit

Patricia Ayuso said...

great coat!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!

Mia said...

tolle fotos. du siehst super aus. der mantel gefällt mir saugut!!
xx m


Lollihearts said...

love the colour of this coat


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