16 March 2013

Kat Van D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review

Love the design....
just to compare, one side is the Matchmaster which i use daily and on the other side is the Lock-it foundation. The lock-it Foundation is a few shades lighter and has a different undertone than the matchmaster but it doesn't really show up on my skin, the Lock it foundation blends in beautifully. 
Overall, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. I love the coverage however because it it so pigmented you need to be really careful when applying as you might end up looking caked! The smell is okay, i know i mentioned it as a con but in all honesty it's fine. You might just smell it a little when applying. The issue about the foundation becoming quite oily on my skin is the only draw-back for me, i prefer a more matt- finish but again it's not tragic.  Would i buy it again? - I think i would, it's great for days when you need your make up to stay put and need that flawless finish. It won't be part of my daily make up- routine which is perfect -  means it'll last quite a long time. 

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