16 March 2013

Kat Van D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review

Love the design....
just to compare, one side is the Matchmaster which i use daily and on the other side is the Lock-it foundation. The lock-it Foundation is a few shades lighter and has a different undertone than the matchmaster but it doesn't really show up on my skin, the Lock it foundation blends in beautifully. 
Overall, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. I love the coverage however because it it so pigmented you need to be really careful when applying as you might end up looking caked! The smell is okay, i know i mentioned it as a con but in all honesty it's fine. You might just smell it a little when applying. The issue about the foundation becoming quite oily on my skin is the only draw-back for me, i prefer a more matt- finish but again it's not tragic.  Would i buy it again? - I think i would, it's great for days when you need your make up to stay put and need that flawless finish. It won't be part of my daily make up- routine which is perfect -  means it'll last quite a long time. 


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Lovely Muffin said...

Die Foundation hast du aber nicht in Deutschland gekauft oder? Wäre echt toll, wenn ich endlich mal eine gescheihte Foundation finden würde. Klingt auf dem ersten Blick schon mal gut, wusste nicht mal, dass sie eine Foundation rausgebracht hat.

Noch was anderes: hast du deinen Header selbst gemacht? Irgendwie krieg ich keinen gescheihten Header hin und dachte, dass du mir vllt helfen könntest?! Bin für Tipps auch offen, danke schon mal :)

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