25 August 2013

Moroccanoil: Revitalisant Conditioner // Oil Treatment // Moisture Shampoo

I'm so glad i'm finally over my blogging block. Blogging seemed impossible the last week. But I seem to be getting back into the swing! I was oh so excited to receive these little gems. i remember that they made quite a big splash when they first came out, and i remember falling instantly in love with the scent of the oil treatment. Fast forward a couple of years, and finally finally was I able to test a few items out. 

Well... Moroccanoil...I'm sure you know it! 

I first heard about Moroccanoil when i decided to part from Beauty Supply hair ( i'm talking about extensions) to virgin hair. My hairdresser recommended Moroccanoil but being the ever stubborn lady, I decided to pass on the oil treatment initially but regretted it as soon as my hair started to tangle.  

The Shampoo
"Enriched with Argan oil, keratin, fatty acids and proteins, it gently cleanses your hair to leave it soft, shiny and full of bounce." It did as promised, leaving my hair soft and nourished. 

"Formulated with the same ingredients as the matching shampoo, it gently de-tangles and reconstructs your hair to get it back in prime condition. Rich and luxurious, your hair will be left wonderfully soft and easy to manage."  Mhhh, i was slightly disappointed with the conditioner and after my third use I think I can safely say that it doesn't work for me. 

Oil Treatment
Argan Oil is the 'thing' for hair. While it keeps y virgin hair soft and shiny it does absolute wonders for my natural hair! My hair is a lot more manageable and healthier. Small tip, those of use who suffer from a sparse hairline will definitely see an improvement. I'll post some pictures in due time, I want a really strong before and after. 

Verdict - The only thing that slightly let me down was the conditioner. Don't get me wrong it didn't cause any damage or lacklustre hair or anything similar. It just didn't do...anything. The conditioner would be my only minus point BUT I do think that the £13 spent on the oil is worth the money, especially for natural hair ( so all y'all natural girls listen up) as well as girls with virgin hair.

Where to get - lookfantastic.com

I can safely say that is does live up to his hype! 



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