27 August 2013

The Iphone Traveller: Paris, You've Been Kind

I had the best time in Paris. The city is absolute stunning. t o be honest, I never quite got the whole 'romantic' aspect of Paris but I definitely felt it when I was there! The city is just charming and the landscape stunning. We had so much fun! It wouldn't have been such a great time if it weren't for my baby Cem who graciously showed us around the city. He just knew the best spots, plus he's super nice and HILARIOUS! He's a fashion King! 

We went to Mare, the jewish / gay part of town. Love the mix. Probably had the best Falafel of my life there and enjoyed the best Hot Chocolate known to man. It was around 25 degrees but I was told that I wouldn't be allowed to leave the quarter until I had some Hot Chocolate. That's where I found the street art saying 'the walls have ears, today they will speak'

- Went to for plenty midnight walks, Sacre Ceour, Moulin Rouge etc. We danced, we sang, we lived! 

How were/are  your holidays? 


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