1 January 2014

The Power of the Chia Seed & How I sprinkle it on EVERYTHING!

First Meal of 2014, hoping to set the bar with this one! 

I'm not the one to succumb to the hype of so called "Superfoods" as long as you eat a varied diet who cares about acai berries or whatever... I may have to change my tune when it comes to Chia Seeds.

Here, I sprinkled some on a homemade Pepper Chicken Spinach Salad (YUMMY), now the thing i love about Chia Seeds seeds before all the health benefits that I will share in a hot minute is the fact that they fill you up! You're just not hungry and feel full after consuming these seeds.

Chia Seeds are known to :

  • be high in fibre, it gets things going if ya know what I mean...
  • be high in Omega 3 - 8 x more Omega 3 than Salmon
  • contains 3 x more Iron than Spinach 
  • contains 7 x more Vitamin C than Oranges. Whaat..
  • balances glucose levels,  good for diabetics
  • be high in antioxidants, 4 x more antioxidants than blueberries

I can only recommend Chia Seeds to everyone, they're completely tasteless and won't disturb any food you use it with. Some even just pour some seeds into water and let them turn into a gel like consistency - Not something I have tried yet. You can get 100g (and more) of Chia Seeds at Holland & Barrats  for roughly £3. 

Happy Sprinkling! 


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