13 August 2014


I mean Mitt Romney is wearing them…

Imagine the sheer joy I felt when I received a shiny new pair of jeans through the post and for once, for once in my life they fit. Ladies and gentlemen I am now a bona fide standard online Jeans size 12. As I probably kept going on about it a million times, I’m  loving stressed jeans but my love of the trend meets one pesky obstacle. – What do you do when you don’t have stick legs?  When the thigh gap is all but a distant illusion and you’re certain that your thighs are meeting that much, the only possible explanation is that you must have been a mermaid in a past life. WELL, WHAT DO YOU DO?

Well, you find a pair of stressed jeans even if it means spending hours upon hours on Shopstyle.
 (A whole Sunday)

And voila, dark pair of stressed denims aptly named Drew, because that’s a Mum’s name… have found their way into my wardrobe.  Not only do they fit snugly around my size 12 frame…someone please explain to me how you can be an 8 on top and a 12 at the bottom. Don’t give me that ‘you got bootay’ schtik…
 But anyway, not only do they fit nicely, they also accentuate my waist.

All I can say that there was one happy girl taking selfies in the bathroom at wok today…

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