4 October 2014

I'm wearing Birkenstocks- So what?

If you would have asked me last season about ‘hot trends’ for the coming season I would have never in a gazillion years told you that you should definitely get your hands on a pair of Birkenstocks! You see where I come from Birkenstocks are worn by hippie kindergarten teachers and your usual ‘Hausfrau’ (Stay At Home Mum).  The Lady of Leisure and Style now wears Birkenstock Ladies and Gentlemen! From high Street Zara copies to designer made Celine slippers, this summer the ‘slipper trend’ is available for all. Birkenstock –esque shoes are so comfortable and kind to your ankles that they are often prescribed by physiotherapist. 

Source: http://www.fashionfademagazine.co.uk/

Source: Fashion NL

Julia Sarr Jamois is the undisputed Fashion trail blazer when it comes to the sneakers trend.

Again, I’m not a sneakers person, but law and behold, I may have purchased a pair of Nike’s Air Max the other week. Trainers are for school kids and chavs non? No this season, this year has brought back the ‘Normalo look’. Cool and collected a bit reminiscent of the glorious days of the late 90’s with just a hint of that ‘laissez faire’ attitude. 

This Summer the target  channel a German tourist, all comfortable with your Adidas Slippers and white socks, the more comfortable the better. 


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