7 November 2014

Make Up Essentials: Lancome & MAC

My Make Up Essential

I absolutely love Make, like LOVE Make Up but the older I get the more I realise that less is more. 
If i learnt anything is that as long as you invest in a few good products you're good to go :)

Finding 'the shade' for dark skin can sometimes be an impossible task but Lancome have really outdone themselves. I used to be an eternal mac girl but my skin couldn't take it anymore and decided to flare up, so I went on the 'long voyage' of finding a new brand.  I'm glad I gave Lancome a go, the results a near flawless! I'm also feeling Nanshy Brushes at the moment. They're incredible and of good quality. Plus, they're free from animal testing! 

Concealer / concealing 'ist das A und O' when it comes to Make Up for me, on good days I get away with only wearing concealer. "I need my concealer to conceal"
The CoverFx concealer does the trick, it's good it conceals everything. I love it. Setting it with Ben Nye's Banana Powder and it won't crease at all.

I recently got hold of an amazing eye-shadow pencil by Zoeva (there's a full Blog post on them coming soon). My absolute fave shade must be Glance, it's a dark brown/copper tone and blends in perfectly with dark skin. It makes life so much easier, a few applications and a bit of a smudge and you're good to go!
I'm a Goth at heart, Morticia Adams is my spirit animal, so for me it's usually always a dark and intense lip. I slightly panicked when my dream shade turned out to be  Rihanna's Talk That Talk (TTT) by Mac. Being a limited edition shade I was going absolutely mad trying to find a similar shade. Thankfully MAC came out with Media, which is very very close, I actually prefer the texture of Media to TTT. (TTT is a matte lipstick and can be very drying at times) 

I use these items every day and are an absolute everyday essential :) 
What are your make up essential?


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