3 March 2015

Must Haves Of The Month: February

Ripped Denim Jeans - Primark || Pearl Necklace and Pearl Cuff (old) - Zara ||  Roshe Runs- Nike(Foot Asylum) || Quilted Bag - Lookbook Store  

This post is coming a little late, forgive me guys :)
I used to be a massive hoarder, I just couldn't bring myself to part with anything whether it be makeup or clothes. However, the older I get the more I realise and truly appreciate that LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE! I'm really trying to keep my style more minimal and rather have 3 or 4 key pieces/ items that I regularly go back to building my outfits.

Each month I pick my favourite  4 or 5 Key items and make a habit of wearing them as my core outfit ( I should mention that I'd interchange Jeans etc. It's more of a style I'm sticking to) I've probably worn ripped jeans to death and own them in arguably every colour, fit and style. I love how they transform an outfit into an ultra relaxed look yet give a cool and edgy vibe when worn at night with a nice blouse. These days I always pair a nice white shirt or T-Shirt with some stressed denim. 

 I have to make a confession and admit that I actually don't really like trainers. Sorry. I never used to be a 'trainers kinda girl' but Nike and Adidas are definitely making it harder these days. I'm in love with these trainers and wear them nearly everyday. 

The style of the bag kept popping up on my Twitter/Instagram feed and it took me a while to realise that it was Chanel. Now, Chanel ain't in my budget...yet so a girl's gotta find an alternative and et voila the Lookbook Store helped a girl out with their version of the bag. Speaking of Chanel and all things classy, it seems that my love affair with pearls is never ending! They might not pair well with a simple shirt but give any blouse a certain hint of class and finesse.

These few bits and bobs have been my absolute faves this past month.What are your key items of February?

Anne xx

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