26 April 2015

Germany Haul | P2 Cosmetics & Flormar

Hello my lovelies!
My sister was so kind to send me a care parcel from Germany. I always ask for an abundance of Gummbi├Ąrchen as I'm missing these sweets like crazy. Along with in the parcel she sent me some new make up bits namely, Flormar's new lipstick as part of their Pin Up Collection called 'Modern City' and P2's new Shades of Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Nude 030. As you know I'm a sucker for anything nude, beige and neutral understandably I was very excited!

P2 cosmetics brings back memories and reminds me of my 13 year old self standing in DM ( German equivalent to Boots)  looking at all the new makeup, trying to figure out what to buy with my pocket money. Stopping at DM is still a MUST whenever I'm back home.

I love how makeup is becoming more and more user friendly. I can watch a million YouTube videos and spend hours shopping around for the exact crease shade, base shade and so on... 
These compact eyeshadow palettes is a great little tool! P2 cosmetics have yet to disappoint me!

Flormar cosmetics is completely new to me and I haven't really heard or seen much about this particular beauty brand. According to their website,  the brand was born in the 70's in Milan carrying it's production in Turkey. 

I wasn't too keen when I first saw the picture BUT when applied it is literally the perfect red shade  for dark skin. It's not berry or leans towards the purple but still quite rich and red, dark red. It's actual Love! (I'll post a picture on Instagram wearing it very soon, it's too nice!

Sadly, I couldn't find a vendor in England or any store delivering to the UK, but I'll keep looking. If anyone knows where to get it do let me know in the comment box. - Are there any brands that you are lusting over and impossible to find in the UK, let me know :)
Hope everyone is having a great start into the week! 

Anne x


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