21 April 2015

Let's Talk About Skincare Baby...

Hello my lovelies! 
With summer truly approaching it's time to switch up my skin care routine.
For me, this summer is all about hydration. I have extremely dry skin and while I'm a rigorous moisturizer by midday most of my arms and legs are as dry as the Sahara dessert.

The warmer it gets the less I tend to rely on my heavy duty Shea Butter and oils. It's no fun feeling all hot and sticky. I'm over the fact of leaving moisturizer marks on everything and anything I lean on...
look who wouldn't let me take pictures...

Sephora does some really amazing skin care goodies. I always bypass the other brands and head straight to their own brand section in store. I picked up the Creme Hydrante Qui Fait Tout The Hydration Creme That Does Everything) last time I went to Paris (Sephora, Sephora...could you please please just open up a store in England, honestly...). As soon as you apply it you'll feel a tingling cooling sensation and law and behold my skin is still moisturized 8-10 hours later. Can I also just give a shout out to french skincare brands in general, the french know what they are doing when it comes to all things Fashion & Beauty!

Aesop' s Rind Concentrate Balm is a key member of my bedtime routine. The balm makes the skin so soft, Close your eyes and imagine yourself melting into your duvet and blanket cover after a shower and after you've applied the Balm. That feeling.

The Resurrection Aromatic Hand Balm is another fave of mine and keeps dry hands and cuticles at bay! 

Lierac's shower gel ( soap free) is another key member of my skincare squad this summer. I really just wanted to use the word squad in this post tbh  I can honestly only recommended going to Pharmacies whenever you're in Paris.- Thanks for that tip Cem! There's one at every street corner. I wonder if continental Europe's look consisting of minimal make up has anything to do with the fact that they obviously know how to do skincare very well. You know those types the 

"I only wear concealer - kinda french, German, Belgian girs = skin goals 

My absolute fave and by far the one product that just feels nice and nourishing whenever I apply it is my trusty Avene Hydrance Cream. It's an absolute gem and snaps my skin right back into shape as soon as it's lacking radiance. It's a great day cream and keeps my face hydrated the whole day!

What are your must have summer skincare items? I'm always on the lookout for new products try, let me know :)
Anne x

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