26 June 2015

New In: June

 Hi guys, 
hope everyone is well. Apologies for the lack of posts but I had a bit of a family emergency the past week. But everything is better now, thankfully! I've been really good this month (I'm saving for a new car...it's time to upgrade...)so no spending for me for a while!

 I received this ├╝ber-gorgeous necklace from the Happiness Boutique. I'm really into big drapey accessories these days as I think they'll look fabulous this coming summer. I chose Urban Chic Statement Necklace and it's definitely a statement piece! 
Seeing that I always get ridiculed about my phone case I felt it was time to get something more stylish and modern. I mean my previous case was big and bulky...but safety first guys...
However, Iconomesis, is definitely the place for stylish phone cases!

Iconemesis Iphone 6 Case
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! 
Anne x

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