15 June 2015

The Twenty Sumtins' Working Wardrobe

Scarf-Primark | Shirt - SheInside | Duster Coat & Sunglasses- AX Paris |  Jeans - Zara | Lace Up Sandals - Zara 

Hi guys :)

I was thinking the other day that though I'd wan to include current purchases into my outfit post I have to be realistic...sky high heels, big furry coats and cut out tops are a good idea but wearing these items for up to 10 hours everyday + working full time and being both desk and feet bound....it's just not realistic. 

I think going forward my style will be more as the title suggests a working wardrobe. Real outfits I wore to the office. Plus, I hope I can show how I incorporate the high streets finest into my normal wardrobe on a daily basis. I'm lucky to be working in a field where I can wear my own clothes and not your usual office attire. From our Social Media Manager to the Graphics Designer, everyone in the office has his/her own style which is nice to see. We are a truly weird / fashionable bunch in the office. 

What do you guys think when it comes to style / fashion at work. Do you wish you could wear your own clothes (jeans etc.) or do you prefer a uniform (business attire) ? 

Anne x 

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