19 July 2015

#Nobody Cares About Your Hashtags

Hi guys, 

Denim on Denim will never get old. I'm loving vintage at the moment. There's a vintage store called Cow in Manchester and I managed to find this Levis Denim shirt! I wear it with literally everything, it acts perfectly as a casual throw on!
Oversized Denim Shirt- Levis (COW) || Ripped Jeans & Print Shirt & Heels -Primark ||
 The shirt says it all, but in all honesty I do find that people take Instagram a tad too serious sometimes. We all post images that show us in the best light possible. So if you see someone posting glam pictured after the other - just remember that this might just be one glam mini, mili-second of a moment within 24h.
Hope everyone's having a great start into the week! 

Anne xx


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