14 July 2015

Summer Casuals

Hi guys, 

I recently went back 'home' to Germany to get some much needed rest. I'm always so happy and grateful whenever I go back to visit family. I know England is just a short plane ride away but it seems so far away whenever i walk through the streets of my hometown. 

I'm from the south of Germany so we have lots of greenery, lakes and forests dotted around. I'm still very much living in ripped jeans I will find something else to wear as of now.
I made this pair of ripped jeans myself, nice little DIY project, do let me know if you want to see a blog post on it:)
DIY Ripped Jeans | Top & Kimono - AX Paris | Bag - Lookbook Store | Shoes - Aliexpress
Sending everyone some mid-week positivity :) 

Anne xx

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