18 August 2015

Double Denim Days: Kylie Jenner Inspired OOTD

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Hope you're all well. I'm obsessed with Denim...as you can see. I love how I used to get major schtick for wearing double denim...'Anne  I know you love your Denim but you're not an extra in a 10's Britney video ' - I seem to have the last laugh now as the trend is everywhere and I'm not going to lie you might look at this post and think didn't Kylie Jenner wear a similar outfit? Yes she did. And I liked it. A LOT.
 I took these pictures a bit over a week ago, if you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed that I'm now back on that granny crack and gone grey. Its weird how different I look but I love it, change is good. Talking about change I've become a bit of a gym addict. I started working out because I started to feel a bit uncomforatble in my clothes so I thought well get your cake arse to the gym! 
 I do have to say that going to the gym has given me such a feel good felling :)

Back to the look, double denim is such a strong combo that you don't need many accessories BUT as you know I cannot live without adding some pearls ( I know weird) and a leather handbag. I'm completely in love with this look! 

Kim K. & Kylie Jenner Style Steal

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Wishing everyone a great start into the week!

Anne xx 

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