26 August 2015

Lipsy | Autumn Blooms

Hi Guys,

Autumn is here... I do have to say that I'm more of an autumn kinda girl. I love my dark nails, dark makeup and dark colours. I'm wearing this lovely Michelle Keegan Floral Print Cutout Dress from Lipsy. This dress is extremely versatile. I have to admit I last approx. 4 hours in heels so I'd probably wear it with cute black lace up flats or ballerinas - come night time I'd pair it with these ankle boots.

I'm fully embracing autumn floral prints with this dress and the lovely lace detail at the back gives it that elegant feel! Michelle Keegan's Fall Collection for Lipsy launched at the beginning of the Month and ranges from elegant dresses to casual knits. Definitely head over to Lipsy to get a better glimpse!

August is nearly done, the countdown to Christmas has officially  started...I'm only partially joking about that fact tbh....May your lipstick be even & may  we all get one last chance to wear our best summer clothes this year! 

What are your autumn faves this year? 

Anne xx

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