12 October 2015

Black & Mustard Mondays

Hi Guys, 

it's been a minute since I've posted. I'm finally back after my short hiatus - It's just sometimes you need to take a break  and rearrange your thoughts. I finally feel rested and calm.
Jumper/Dress & Boots - Primark

 I'm totally obsessed with anything Mustard (low key warning you that there will be lots and lots of mustard items coming up) and just love how the colour compliments any skin tone. I'm also quite obsessed with these boots. I have finally found a nice snug pair of 'over-knees'  and again they're from Primark!!!  (that'll fit over my calves - thanks Dad!) 

When you're going to Primark not expecting much, you'll leave with treasures!

Happy Monday everyone! 
Anne xx

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