12 November 2015

What's New?

Hi guys :)

long time no beauty related post. I admit i've been slacking in the Beauty department but I'm back with some goodies for you! 

As you probably know, NYX Cosmetics is available to purchase via www.selfridges.com so it was only polite to place a little order. However, as you can see and due to my short attention span I also had a quick look or more got distracted  on the site to see what Illamasqua had to offer. I don't know what it is but I will never stop buying concealer. call me naive but I will always believe that the next concealer is going to be the 'one', the one who will keep all my dark circles and imperfections at bay. 

I'm still into nudes and H&M's Cream Lipstick in 'Heyday' is the one, perfect for deep skin staying put all day. Moving to NYX's Soft Matte Lip Butter in Abu Dhabi, turned out to be the perfect nude shade for my NC50 complexion. It glides on like a dream BUT I'm going to be honest I somehow thought that it would mattify straight away but it does stay creamy for quite a while. It's not a colour / consistency I would recommend wearing by itself but forms a pretty solid mixing colour - i.e you want to create an ombre lip or make deeper colours slightly lighter. 

As previously mentioned, I'm a sucker for concealer. I've been stalking Illamasqua online and got the impression that their makeup seems to be pretty heavy duty, so I was quite sold when it comes to their concealers. After checking a few weeks before instore in regards to my shade / the shade I felt would suit the most - which is 'deep 1' by the way I went ahead and got it. 

 I'm unsure if I should mention this but I found the lady helping me (Manchester, Exchange Square) quite rude and unhelpful. She couldn't be bothered or 'felt' that advising me would be a waste of time. - That's how it came across, which is a shame as I probably would've gotten more as I was also quite keen on their Skin Base foundation. I love make up but it's experiences like these that turn me off buying things in store, I rather watch a million YouTube videos to get a shade match now.....

Moving on, NYX's HD concealer is the one. Honestly,this concealer is one of the most covering in my collection. It's quite light so I use it quite sparingly and it's perfect for getting that 'kardashian' highlight and concealing glow. I recommend it 100%. Bad news, I didn't get this one online but picked it up when I went back to Germany a while back so Ulta Beauty is your go-to place! 

I'm dedicating the next paragrap to NYX's Tame and Frame eyebrow pommade (espresso). Where have I've been living?! I have always wondered- How are everyones eyebrows so perfectly shaped? It's these eyebrow pommades... I honestly bought it with a pinch of salt but I was pleasantly suprised as to the end product. That day...I was definitely feeling my brows, I felt like a brow killa. I think I just have to go with the hype sometimes and buy into things. 

That's it guys, these are all my fairly new make up items from the past month. Do let me know what you think of these products, also drop a comment if you've had some interesting experiences with beauty counter staff, would be interesting to know. 

Anne xx


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