30 December 2015

Don’t Look Back in Anger | Things I realised in 2015

2015 is well and truly over, with another passing year an abundance of new revelations come forward. 2015 was the year of change more unsettling than positive. 2015 has taught me a lot, from the absolutely great to the bad – 2015 you have been a year to remember. Here is my list of things 2015 has taught me.

1.       Not everyone is going to like you!
As humans we have the ultimate need to be liked by everyone. From social media to our private circles, we seek reassurance from our peers that we are liked. The past year has really taught me that sometimes you can’t make people like you. It’s as simple as that. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter. It’s not you and doesn’t have anything to do with you or your personality (considering you done nothing that is). People are different, we all have different views, experiences and expectations of life. There’s nothing you can do to change that. Be polite, cordial and keep it movin’.
*and sometimes you say goodbye without realising it*
2.       Friends come and go.
You swore eternal friendship and could never imagine not having certain people in your life. The more I go through life the more I realise that some friends come into your life for a specific reason and specific period. People change and as we go our individual ways and experience new adventures our personalities change. The friend you couldn’t stop talking to about everyone and everything becomes the friend you hardly have anything to say to. It’s normal, but instead of dwelling on it just keep and cherish the memories you had together. You might now live, work and ‘play’ in different worlds BUT that period of time years ago was amazing because of that specific person (or people). Remember that.
3.       Trust Your Gut
Call me cray or naive but I really believe that we humans are very spiritual beings. Sometimes you just know not to do something / or something is telling you to do something.
You’re about to make a decision and your head is telling you one thing, but have this knot in your stomach telling you to do the opposite. Trust your gut, trust that feeling. I truly believe that we can ‘vibe things out’. Trusting your gut feeling is always scary because it pushes you to do things that you would otherwise feel uncomfortable to do. But then when you think about it….you’re uncomfortable…Great!...BUT won’t you do anything to overcome that uncomfortable state? So if you feel stupid and embarrassed taking those singing, dancing or job – Your human instinct will try everything to change that feeling and make you better at whatever it is you decided to do.
4.       You can’t plan everything.
You thought by the time you’re 24 you’d have a solid career, your own flat/house, car and fiance? – Because after all you had this great 5 year plan! You can’t plan for what is happening tomorrow (well you technically can plan for tomorrow) BUT what I’m trying to say is that something could come at you out of the blue totally throwing you for a loop. In the past year the most amazing things have happened to me within days. On those days I had no idea what was about to happen. So if you feel like you haven’t achieved what you thought you would have by now, it’s completely normal. Plus, the media and social media are placing such unrealistic goals for our generation that it’s only normal to feel a certain way -Because you’re not sipping a Mai Tai on the beach in Mauritius sharing your life with your 200k+ followers, doesn’t mean you haven’t achieved anything.
5.       Bringing me to my next point ‘Fuck Social Media’
No not really. Just do you, be you and don’t get caught up online. We all post the best versions of us. Like let’s be honest do you think that I really leave my house wearing itty bitty dresses like I’m the Queen of ‘Thot-Land’? I’m probably, no…I’m wearing tights, flats and a cardigan on most days. Let’s keep it real.
6.       You’ll know who your friends are.
Similar to point number 2, when the goings get tough some people will fall back. The minute you’re on top, those same people will ask YOU where YOU have been? Just laugh it off and again, keep it moving…
7.       Smile More
I’m not talking about the ‘give us a smile luv’ kinda thing. (Can I just say that the people who say this are just the worst. I may be mean-mugging my way through life like Kanye on a good or bad day- you never know with him BUT it’s purely unicorn and glitter in my head). Anyway, I found that a simple smile can really brighten up my day. Plus an inviting smile spreads positivity all around.
8.       Don’t give up.
When you find yourself at a dead end, pick yourself up, shake it off and keep moving. Falling down ain’t falling down when you don’t cry when you hit the floor’ – in the words of Alicia Keys…random much but what I’m trying to say is, don’t make giving up on anything an option even when you feel that there’s no tomorrow. (Unless it’s a guy…ya can’t change em’). Always carry on with the belief that the ‘good’ is just around the corner!

 Phew... This has been a long post hasn’t it? Ultimately I’m wishing everyone an amazing start into 2016. Grab this year’s opportunities and make them your own!
 What are your key revelations of 2015?
 Anne xx

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