19 June 2016

Shutter x Bomber

 I love a good bomber jacket even though I tried so hard to not too buy into this trend. In the end i gave in and went ahead and got this pink number from Missguided. I just love that you can literally wear it with EVERYTTHANG! + this jacket is so warm that I'll get a lot of wear out of it once the temperatures drop.
 Again I have no idea when pink became my fave colour, it's a mystery... 

| Bomber jacket - here \\ Long Shirt - similar \\ Bag - here \\ Heels - similar  |

  Also, I swear they don't tell you this as a non-native English speaker - the b in bomber is silent...??? - No wonder sales staff in shops were looking at me funny

x Hope you all had a lovely weekend, sending everybody positive vibes for the week ahead x 

Anne xx

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