16 August 2016

The Twenty Sumtin' | Jumpman

manchester london berlin fashionblogger

Jumpsuits are literally everywhere, I couldn't help myself and got myself a little blue number. I just love how comfortable and versatile it is - it really is just an instant outfit! 

We're still getting those last few days of sunshine and i'm absolutely loving it. Manchester turns into this beautiful city. There's so many new spots that keep opening up and with the sunshine I'm loving all these terraced rooftop bars. 

manchester berlin london fashion blogger
ashionblogger manchester london berlin

I picked up this jumpsuit (albeit a few sizes to big) from Asos.com - it's sold out now BUT I managed to find a few alternatives, including one going out options.

asos blue jumpsuit

I may have bought another jumpsuit whilst writing up this post, however I can't confirm 100%...

Anne xx

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