27 February 2017

Absolutely Marbles

Absolutely Marbles

I can safely say that I've gone absolutely marbles for marbles. Forgive me, I just had to open the post like this. Literally couldn't help myself. The older I get, the more I appreciate aesthetics and clean palettes. Minimalism and clean spaces are the way forward for me. I'm also moving away from cluttering. I've come to realise that less is definitely more.

It all started out with a ring I bought online via Etsy, it had this beautiful marble plate on top of it and ever since then I started a bit of an obsessed when it came to marbled jewellery. Soon enough I spotted a lovely phone case on eBay, again it had this beautiful marble effect. Ever since then to be honest, it's been a slippery slope. Now I can't stop myself, to not get anything marbled. 

I've had a gander at some of my favourite online stores, and found a few nice bits online. 

What are you currently obsessed with? 

Anne xx

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