9 February 2017

(Faux) Fur Days

This is definitely a quick one, a flyby if we can call it. This year, i'm all about faux fur! Whether it's a coat, gilet or this weird heel/shoe accessory (Gucci wtf) - Feaux Fur for the win. We can safely say that I have amassed a fair amount of faux fur coats and gilets and literally wear them in rotation. 

I managed to pick this jumper now works sample sale and I am in love. It's probably the cosiest the fluffiest (and furriest') jumper. The cuffs are lined (as you can blatantly see) with this lovely grey faux fur and give the jumper a nice touch. Now, the thing with sample sale items is that I can't specifically tell where it's from but I can nudge you into the right direction. 

Below are some lovely alternatives as well as items that are currently in my wishlist. 

 Anne xx

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