16 March 2017

The One Trend(s) I'm Obsessed With| Ruffles and Studs

Hi guys, 

How are we all? Isn't it amazing that it's finally looking like spring is here! My mood gets so much better when the sun is out and you can stay out a little bit longer. I'm completely obsessed with ruffles at the moment - tbh they're everywhere. 

I'm normally not the one to follow trends, but this style really gives any outfit a feminine touch. I couldn't possibly start talking about this outfit before mentioning this amazing choker. I've been religiously stalking the PLT website for this necklace to come back in stock. Finally, after about a few weeks - I just had to make it mine. It's quite dramatic but who doesn't love a bit of drama?

I just find that ruffles go with everything, whether jeans or a studded skirt - ruffles just go with everything. I'm loving this ruffles top from Pretty Little Thing - its so comfortable! It's sheer but still very covering...if that makes sense. I got the black version and immediately ordered the pink version. Paired with this i'm wearing my fave pair of Zara Jeans

As you know, apart from marble - anything that is studded is amazing. I don't know what it is and even though I'm quite a girly dresser, give me a pair of studded boots or bag and I'm happy. I picked up this pair from Asos and I'm completely in love. I apologise in advance, you'll be seeing a lot of them coming up. 

Anne xx

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