23 May 2017

Find the perfect Fit: Trench Coat Edition

Hey guys,

Now when it comes to coats I’m definitely a trench kind gal! Trench coats are a style of coats that simply never go out of fashion and are incredibly versatile! It’s classic and simply timeless and gives you this touch of elegance and sophistication.  As soon as it hits September I’m on the lookout for that autumn staple. I’m a fuss free shopper and wearer,  and love classic pieces of clothing that can easily be worn. In fact, a beigetrench coat in my eyes can ‘MAKE’ an outfit. So if you ever see my indoors wearing a trench coat and ask my why I’m wearing a coat inside…. It’s part of my look!

There are many ways of wearing this trend it-piece - I’ve even seen ‘dress-versions’ of these coats but alas I’m not that brave yet to rock that look. To me, trench coats always remind me of Burberry, and the first word that comes to mind when I think about Burberry is ‘British. – And indeed, the trench coat really is an iconic British-Look. For an oversized look I’ve previously looked at the men section, often their tailoring is just so much more on point, especially around the shoulder area. This year, I’m breaking tradition and will look at breaking my usual colour tradition of beige and look at a few khaki numbers. My 3 top tips when it comes to these type of coats are:

1. Keep it simple
I love a classic coat and stay away from any studs when it comes to these coats.

2. Branch out
As mentioned above, I’ve been keeping it beige pretty much, but this year I’m definitely broadening my horizons with different colours.

3. ‘Make the Cut’
Trench coats literally suit anyone. BUT I also think it’s important for them to sit well. Don’t just always buy the first trench coat you see but shop around and find the perfect cut and fit for you.

Here are a few more tips on how to style your trench coat and because I love y’all I scoped some fantastic pieces on Jack Wills – I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a trench coat that suits your style there.

I’d be curious to know, how you style your trench coats, so let me know ­čśŐ



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