26 May 2017

Swish x Stripes

Hi Guys, 

Summer is well and truly here. I'm loving everything and anything metallic and silver. The warmer it gets the more I want to swish around. I'm all for loose comfortable clothing when it's scorching and this skirt really does the trick. 

Metallic skirt - Missguided  - Similar // Striped Shirts - La Redoute // Shoes - Missguided - Similar 
Hilariously got photo bombed here hahaaa #nicestguythough

I've also developed quite a bit of a habit, by tying my shirts into Knots. Give me a normal T-shirt and you see mr tying a knot into the front. Like I did with this striped shirt,I've found that oversized shirts make for the better tying. I've paired, well more finished this look with my fave bag and heels! 

What are your go-to type of clothing and styles this summer? 

Anne xx 


Note, I couldn’t post and not mention what happened in my adopted home town on Monday. Words completely fail me and the events left me so broken. It’s completely surreal and bizarre, almost think that it isn’t real. There isn’t one person in Manchester that has never been to MEN arena. There isn’t one person in Manchester that does not feel affected by this tragedy. I’m still in so much shock and there’s this bewildered and frightened atmosphere in the air. In fact, I’m writing this as I’m hearing that a street has been cordoned off  near me and soldiers have been sent into the area. It’s. Just. So. Shocking. 

We always see these kind of things happening on the news, though there have been incidents in Europe you just never think it would happen where you actually live. It’s scary and it’s real and it confirms the fact that we’re all in It. It’s not just something that is happening in Syria but something that is happening right at our doorstep, my doorstep. I'm sending all my thoughts and prayers to anyone affected by this tragedy 🙏🏾 


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