25 June 2017

Hair Style Guide 2017 | Summer Edition

Maybe its just me, or maybe it's just the warm weather-but as soon as it gets warm and the temperatures are rising, I can't help myself but to step up my hair game. You won't catch me without highlights in the summer, trust me. I'm just chasing that honey caramel in the summer! Long gone are The heavy creams and trusty hair pomade, it's all about light spritzed and even lighter hair moisturisers. Where there is hear, there is frizz in my case! As soon as we go above those 20 degrees my hair decides it's the perfect time to be one a giant frizz ball. The warmer it gets the more I have to be conscious of which hair tools are my best friend! Hair straighteners are my trusty companion during the winter time but come summer I try to avoid straightening my natural hair. I do still achieve my curls and more elaborate hair styles with a Hair Straightener and other curlers. I used to blow dry my hair...I know...which is incredibly time consuming, so I'm even happier that I found that I can recreate the same bouncy and voluminous curls with a pair of straighteners. To achieve the best bouncing curls I do have to say that I've found investing in a good and more expensive pair of straighteners is the best trick. My go to brands are GHD and Panasonic - both brands in my opinion have the best technical straighteners, making them complete salon equivalents. 

I'm also a massive fan of big massive heated curlers, they're just so fantastic to give you that extra boost of volume! I've turned into a proper northern girl haven't I?! To be fair at this point I kinda am, so you might catch me on a Saturday or Sunday in my curlers down the post office! Find some of my fave styling tools below. 
Good hair dayyy

Next up are my fave hair products. I think anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love ORS. Organic Root stimulator just know what they're doing. There's not one product that hasn't worked for me, their entire range is perfect! Next is a german drugstore brand called Balea. Now if you're german, you know, if not let me introduce you to this amazing drugstore brand. Balea is the in-store brands of german drug store DM, like if Boots created an own brand that outshines all brand name products and is so good it could rival salon products? Yeah, that's Balea

I know there currently shunned to oblivion after their disastrous recent ad campaign BUT I do have to say that their products are good, very good even! I mean I'm still going through some of their products whether I'm repurchasing is another story, however in the meantime let me enjoy. Lol. 

What are your favourite products come summer? 

Anne xx

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