21 June 2017

My (ripped) Denim Love Affair


Now I’m pretty much a girly girl…in my mind. Whilst I’m not overtly girly in real life or more when you meet me – it’s pretty much unicorns and rainbows in my head. If you take one good look at my blog and Instagram you can see that I may have a tendency for overtly girly activities. 
So I’m even more surprised that I am a total convert of Ripped Jeans - In fact the more rips and tears the better! In fact, I think I think these days we might actually struggle finding a pair of denim that are fully intact.  I have to admit I actually tear rips into jeans that don't have rips...I just love how they give any outfit a slight edge. Plus, I'm really trying to have a DIY approach to clothing - I don't know what happened but I'm getting increasingly more picky, so I add a few bits here and there, cut off this and that to make it more to my taste.
My fave pair of denim Jeans !
I love wearing my ripped denim with trainers or delicate sandals, it's a nice combination! To round of most of my outfits (plus I'm on the small side)  AND the fact that I grew up in central Europe, I love  rolling up my jeans at the ankles to show a bit of ankle action. There ain’t nothing wrong with looking like you sail on the weekends. I haven’t gone as far as wearing loafers as of yet, but summer has just started mind you. There are a few shops that have an amazing selection of ripped denims. i usually look to Topshop for comfort and fit - H&M for different styles. Have a look at some of my current faves below! 

Most wanted denim

Product Info 

ASOS high-waisted skinny jeans / MANGO blue jeans, £47 / Blue jeans, £44 / Topshop high-waisted skinny jeans / Women's High Waisted Trousers, Leggings & Jeans | Manière De Voir

Where do you shop your denim? Do you feel comfortable shopping for denim online? 

Anne xx

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