21 November 2017

Autumn Prints | The Leopard Print Coat

Hi guys,  

Wow...I actually can’t believe how long it’s been?! Trust me when I tell you that I’m back with full force.We’re finally into my favourite time of the year :autumn / winter. 
I can’t wait to dress head to toe in everything snuggly and cozy. I’m a December-Baby myself, so I just love everything that comes with it. Back are the knitted jumpers and scarf, the retro headwear and those amazing, amazing coats. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but the colder we get the more I appreciate bolder colours, textures and prints. Once it hits September/October - give me some leopard prints and I’m happy.  As you can see, I’m all about the leopard print coat this week! 

coat - here / similar here & here // check skirt - here // beret - here //bag - here // ankle boots - similar here

I found this coat via Shopstyle - honestly if you aren’t using the platform, you should definitely head over there. It saves so much time and is perfect for those times where you have a specific item in mind, but don’t even know where to start looking for it. For example, I’ve been looking for pearly loafers and instead of me hitting every site under the sun, looking at their footwear - with the help of Shopstyle it literally took seconds. 

So when it came to finding a leopard print coat, trusty shop style recommended this amazing leopard print coat. I paired it with my go to ‘going out for nice evenings’ bag and my trusty red beret. 
I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to issue a warning:

...you’ll see berets and biker caps quite extensively over the coming weeks. I have this beret in about 6 colours and just bought another biker hat in a slightly different shade of navy to the one I’ve bought last week. It’s lit. 

Also, being an European staple in the high street, Reserved made their high street and online debut in the UK a few months ago. These ankle boots are perfect for those who have nightmares about kitten heels but still want in on the action. They’re very comfortable and very economic- everyone’s a winner! 

Wishing everyone an amazing start into the week. Also, what is your fave time of the year - Are you an autumn/winter kinda girl like me? 



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