3 December 2017

Denim Files| The Baker Edit

All  I can say about this post really is that you should support your local biker gang! I've finally gotten around to wearing baker hats - as soon as I get obsessed with one style I just wear it to death! I now have this baker hat in various hues rivaling my beret collection. 

Baker Boy Hat - similar here // Denim Jacket - here // Jeans - very similar here // Striped shirt - similar here // Bag - Mango (old) similar here - // Shoes - similar here // 
I'm also very invested into the double denim here and all I can say is that I'm at that point where I'm getting to told too go easy on the denim...

"It's not everyday denim Anne-Marie" 

The denim jacket is quite oversized...which gets me onto a revelation. I'm into oversized but lately I've discovered that I'm 'hiding' underneath oversized clothing. I tend to go for big, shapeless styles day to day which totally goes against everything you see on my blog or Instagram. It's weird. 

I think one thing i'm taking into the new year is going easy on the oversized and rather shop in my size, my true size. 

Anyhoo, wishing everyone a very energised start into the week, positive vibes galore! 

Anne xx

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