26 December 2017

The Twenty Sumtin'| 'Street Art'

Hey guys, 

now this jumper is a bit hit or miss, personally i love love elaborate stitching especially when it comes to knits...and this jumper from reserved is everything! The minute i saw it I just had to get it...now I do admit that not many share my admiration for this jumper...

it's a bit out there...interesting" 

I have been told, but ultimately if I wore clothes for other people, where would be the fun?! 
I added my fave accessories to the outfit, my beloved Marmont Mini and some pointy black ankle boots as well as this clueless-esque skirt

I'm rediscovering some parts of the northern quarter in Manchester, there are so many places that are just gorgeous for background settings. Everyone I know, who isn't from Manchester and who ends up visiting the Northern Quarter always remarks that it has a very cosmopolitan vibe, very european. You could be in  London, Holland, Belgium or even Berlin...it's got a vibe that transcends young people enjoying their life! 

 What do you guys think about the jumper? Alsooo, this is scheduled to be posted right after Christmas, I hope you had the most loving day surrounded by family and your dearest ones! 

Anne xx

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