11 February 2020

The Twenty Sumtin| Lets get our Facial on

Hi guys, 

I've done it...I have finally launched my own YouTube Channel! 
As you guys know, skincare lies very dear to my heart and thankfully the lovely Tam from @TouchOfHealthSpa messaged me and asked if I wanted to undergo a skin analysis. 
Head on over to my channel to see how that went :) 

However for the actual facial I thought, why not document it and take you along! 
Aside from the actual facial we talked about everything under the sun, from who our top inspirations are to general pop culture! 

You can find Tam and her amazing Beauty Spa here

To go alongside the facial, I love to take care of my skin even at home. 
Now if you've watched the first part over on YouTube you heard that I was slightlytold off for using too much of the good things. As it stand I am now a ONE Cleanser, ONE Serum & ONE Scrub kinda woman. 

Thankfully during my long time of collecting any and everything skincare I literally have a face serum / gel / acid for you! 

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Anne xx

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