Beauty Fluff : Fonsi Beauty Mask and Cleansing Cream

The benefit of living with people from different part of the world is the fact that each person brings their own little beauty tricks and treatments with them. My Taiwanese flatmate has blessed me with these goodies. Being entirely honest I was a tiny bit hesitant about these products as i couldn't find any information about them online. Luckily, I gave it ago aaaannnnddd may I tell you how my skin has thanked me since! 

It's literally impossible to find any site or information on these products. I do believe that they are Japanese. The mask is a Coenzyme Q10 Mask II while the Cleansing Cream contains Glycoprotein. According to this site, glycoprotein ''boost the skin's oxygen content, increase the cellular respiration capacity and increase the energy levels of the skin''. - That would explain why my skin feels so nourished after using these. 
I love these products so much, the only thing they are not easily, and by easily I mean near impossible to get here in the UK. I have already instructed my friend to supply me with more of these fabulous beauty products. 
4.0 / 5

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