BH Cosmetics | Carli Bybel Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette Review

Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review

Its been a while since we've seen a beauty post up on the blog and I hope I'm not disappointing you by introductng (well tbh I'm late to the party by discovering this palette as it's been around for ages) you to the Carli Bybel Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette from BH Cosmetcs. I'm really loving the fact that make up is getting more and more affordable. I'm always thinking about how younger people manage to keep up with the Jones's - in this case the contouring habits of the Kardashians and beauty bloggers combined, because let's face it if it ain't Anastasia Beverly Hills are you even dong it right. Though I have to note, that yes you can opt for more affordable dupes but that's another story for another post... So if you're a bit funny when it comes to your colouring you'd need 2 contouring palettes which could set you back a cool £90 - £100 plus shipping. I never really thought much about it but when mentioning to others how much I spend monthly on make up I get the occasional gasp...

Reason why I'm even more delighted that brands such as NYX and BH Cosmetics and many more are stepping up their game (and shade range) and bringing their absolute A-Game. BH Cosmetics has been particular a fave of mine as of late - I love how their shipping rates are reasonable considering that they are located  in the United States (cough cough Colourpop cosmetics). 

I've heard so much about this palette and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The shades looked like they could compliment any skin tone which is real selling point and very well done by BH cosmetics

Shades & Pigmentation

Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review dark skin
In the palette itself you'll find 10 eyeshadow shades ranging from nude shimmery tones to golden/dark Browns. Then we have 4 highlighter shades, ranging from a pale highlighter with pink undertones to a deep brown highlighter. - All in all a very good combination of neutral shades perfect for the coming autumn months.  
Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review shades
Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review detail close look highlighters for dark skin cheap highlighter dark skin
Each shade swatched and applied beautifully and appeared to be very pigmented. The only minus is have to raise is the fact that the colours did get quite powdery and s bit messy. However if you have a steady hand and cautionary powder under your eye-area - you should be fine with any transfer falling into your cheeks. 
Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review swatches dark skin

Packaging & Appearance

Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review packaging
In terms of packaging, the palette itself feels very robust, unexpectedly so. Don't get me wrong, I feel like you're getting a lot more for what you're actually paying. The packaging is robust, clean and functional. - You even get a nice little quote in there "Aspire to inspire". 
Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette bh cosmetics review
This might be a weird one, but I appreciate the fact that you can comprehensively and clearly read the ingredients and the composition of the shades. It's important know and have easy access to know what it actually is you're applying to your face. 
highlighters for dark skin
Overall, this palette is really nice and would delight both a make up novice as well as a beginner. Id say it's the perfect 'Einsteiger-Palette' (Beginner palette). Definitely have a look at BH Cosmetics other palettes and also have a look at their lipsticks. 

Let me know what you think about this palette, do you own it? If so - what are your thoughts? 
ALSO- What do we think about Blogger- Brand collaborations? 

Anne xx 
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