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I know I mentioned it in before in a prior post but what's up with me an pink? When have I become this pink wearing, lipgloss kinda' girl? - Looking down at my my nails done yesterday and they're this lovely shade A lovely hue of light pink in fact. It's official - obsessed! 
I couldn't resist getting this luhvly pastel chain bag from Zara - they're really really bringing it at the moment and i can't wait for the transitional styles and their coats to come online. I'm more of an autumn kind of girl...I love my sunshine but autumn leaves and long scarves are my thing. 
Waistcoat from Missguided - similar | Boohoo - Jeans | Loafers - H&M - similar | Bag - Zara - similar
Anyhoo back to the actual outfit ,as we were taking these pictures Keish from Fashion By A Fro  had so much fun, I probably posed for an eternity. I'm wearing a complete 'misch-masch' of brands - waistcoat is from Missguided, the jeans from Boohoo, bag from Zara and the loafers from H&M. - I'm such a student shopper, I'm still trying to graduate into an adult wardrobe. Until then let me browse for eternity on

Anne xx

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