Peace + Lovin' in Marrakech

Ahh I do love a a bit of colour, especially when it's this vibrant! I know I keep sounding like an old clock, but embracing colour is not something that I usually do...I'm slightly obsessed with my black & grey colour palette, so stepping out of my comfort zone in this stunning dress took a lot of persuasion. I'm joking. As soon as I saw the dress popping up online, I just had to have it!
 Just the right piece of clothing to embrace such a vibrant colour!

Dress - Missguided (Peave + Love)  Here / Heels -  Similar Here /
The dress is currently sold out (but I have a feeling it'll be back in stock soon)  It's back in stock y'all!
But what can I say, as I'm writing this post i'm getting major holiday vibes. I really need to book something soon stat! For now I shall look at these pictures and imagine myself being back in Morocco. I also think it's quite funny how the dress is completly matching the interior of the hotel's rooftop.

I know I keep asking but do let me know where your're heading this summer. Also, I really want to go somewhere that's fairly non-touristic. - Do let me know of any places that are 'off the grid' :) 

Anne xx

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