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I know it's been a while soz. Don't worry I'm eagerly prepping new posts and new designs + a mahusive giveaway. In the meantime, I had the pleasure of meeting Stella at a recent blogger event. It was lovely meeting her and I asked her guest post on my blog. I'm loving her topic as it's all about being taking care of melanin rich skin...especially in these current weather conditions. 
Black is beautiful we all say, and indeed it is. To get the most out of your black skin, and other richly-melanated skin types, you would need to take special care of it. A skin is like a garden, most people are not born with a perfect skin, just like lawns do not become magically healthy overnight. It takes proper daily care and attention for your skin to glow. Most of the tips mentioned here are not rocket science, but many still do not practice them enough or at all. I know I am guilty of not doing enough of them, so one of my new year resolution for 2016, is to do more of every tip mentioned here.
Here are the tried and tested tips for the black skin, but other skin types may find them useful as well:

Moisturize Your Skin Daily
This is a no brainer really but you still find a lot of black women who do not use a moisturiser on a daily basis. You should be using a mositurising body wash or soap as well as a moisturising lotion every day to give your skin the shine it needs. Now that the winter months are upon us, the black skin tends to be very ashy when dry, and we all know ashy isn't classy, so sort this out with a good moisturizer. There are loads for different skin types with different price tags available, so you should find the right one for your skin.

Do Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly But Not Too Regular
When I say regularly, I mean at least once a week for dry skin, and twice for oily and combination black skin types. A good exfoliator would sort out the roughness, by getting rid of the build up of dead cells and excess oil. Over exfoliation can disturb the skin's natural equilibrium, so try not to exfoliate your skin too frequently. Also, avoid harsh scrubs, and go for a gentle exfoliating gel, peels, brushes and powders instead. Your skin would thank you for it.

Remember To SPF
Black skin also needs SPF. I remember me thinking I didn't need to use an SPF ages ago. I was black so I could go without I thought. That was the teen 'me', thank God I have seen the light, and I now know the benefits of SPF for ALL skin tones. Make sure you protect your skin everyday with a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher. Black skin is not immune to skin burns, wrinkling or skin cancer, and those are some of the skin damages that can be caused by exposure sunlight. The vitamin D from the sun is good for the skin, but we still need to wear an SPF to protect us from burns and all.

Eat Healthy & Drink More Water
Eating healthy; plenty fruits and vegetables, and drink at least 8 tall glasses of water everyday will keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. Eating a balanced diet helps you glow from the inside out, and drinking at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis would your keep healthy and happy. I must confess, I do not drink enough water, but I try to these days, as the benefits are just too good to ignore.

Go Makeup Free Some Days
Never sleep with your makeup on. If you have to remember any tip on here, make sure it is this one. Also, on lazy days, when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, just chill at home without makeup. Try to do this as often as possible. Makeup clogs the skin with the many layers of foundation, powder and concealers, the skin needs to breathe to be healthy, so going makeup free on some days helps the skin breathe.

Beauty Sleep
This is another tip I struggle a lot with. Running a blog, caring for two toddlers and running a home is no childes play. Sometimes, I struggle to get the recommended 8 hours sleep and am sure most women struggle too. There is a lot to be done, and sometimes our sleep takes the back seat but our beauty sleep should be a priority. Try getting as close to 8 hours sleep everyday as much as you can, and make up for the hours lost over the weekend or holidays.

These are my tried and tested beauty tips for a beautiful black skin. Do you have any tips to add?

Guest blogger Stella is the brain behind a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. 

Head over to her blog guys, trust me you'll love it! 
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