Review| Missy Lynn Colour Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

Hey guys, 
I know I know it's been a while (new job, new house, new errythang) so I had to take a breather and just press pause for a minute. BUT I'm back baby, so expect a whole lot of posts to pop up in the coming weeks + one exciting Giveaway! 
Anyhoo can we just appreciate these lipsticks? The minute I saw these popping up on BH Cosmetics I quickly signed up to the alert and waited patiently. Roll on last week and I went ahead and placed an order. I'm going to repeat myself and can only praise the shipping speed and communication. Compared to other US based cosmetics companies the shipping rate to the UK is reasonable, I think it was about $8. ( I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll fill up her basket to a ridiculous amount and then gets in a huff about the $20 shipping to England. Makes me contemplate everything...the whole order.) 
I went ahead and ordered the two shades I was most interested in, the perfectly apt L'Amour , a vibrant and rich red shade & the deep 90's-esque 'Missy Lynn'. I saw a few swatches as well as Missy Lynn herself wearing the shade 'Missy Lynn' so I was very excited about that shade in particular. 'Cloud 9' is another shade that looks quite interesting which I might get it in the future.  
Left - Missy Lynn | Right - L'Amour
Both shades are quite lovely and perfect of both special occasions and everyday use. Before I go rambling on, I just have to quickly give massive praise to Missy Lynn herself. I love that the shades are suitable for anybody, whether you're more a NC20 or a NC50 - you'll find the shade for you. Together with the eyeshadow Palette she released earlier, both collections are really stunning. I have always been quite a fan of Missy and I'm sure after you tried one of the products she co-designed you will be too! 
This shade is the perfect red for all girls with a slightly darker skin tone. It's that classic red with blue undertones. I was quite surprised by how pigmented and rich it was and it really reminded me of MAC's Russian Red. If anyones looking for a more affordable dupe this is he one for you! 
Missy Lynn
I've already mentioned that I fell in love with this shade before I even physically owned it and I wasn't disspointed. I can best describe the shade as a rich, chocolate and very 90's kinda shade. I love it, i've been looking for a chocolate shades for ages. This shade is everything. 
left - L'Amour | right- Missy Lynn
*I will replace this image with dslr images shortly*
For those who don't wear darker shades regularly, it's quite dark and will need some getting used to. 

I know it states in the description that these lipsticks are moisturising...and they really are! Matte lipsticks are usually quite dry and dry out my lips BUT these lipsticks are super moisturising. I wore L'Amour on Friday night and I can comment that It did quite well when it comes to longevity. One application roughly lasted about 5-6 hours.

I wore 'Missy Lynn' the following day whilst running errands. It didn't last as long as 5 hours (but then again, I did consume an unhealthy amount of coffee (plastic coffee cup) that day and had one hearty lunch. But again, the colour lasted quite well considering those circumstances. One BIG plus, I got a million people asking me about this particular shade. A lot of people don't know that BH Cosmetics ships to the UK and were quite surprised! 

I feel so bad saying it but I'm not 100% about the packaging. I don't know clear plastic tops just don't do it for me. I don't think it does the product justice, the texture as well as the richness of the colour are quite sublime so I would have loved the quality to translate to the packaging. 
Overall, I'm loving these lipstick and can only recommend them enough. As you can see, I also have the Missy Lynn Eyeshadow Palette, which again is quite amazing and good value for money. You can read my review on it here. If you're quick you can get these beauts at $6.50 each, so hurry :)

What are your favourite shades form the collection? 

Anne xx
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