Marrakech| Where to Eat & Where to Sleep

No travel diary of mine wouldn't be complete with a post about FOOD!...and where to sleep. Marrakesh really is a city full of wondrous little alleys, each hiding their own little secrets and treasures. As soon as there was even a mention of going to Morocco, I already starting researching about where to eat in Marrakesh. Luckily Instagram never disappoints and gave us an inkling of where to go.


We first stopped at Le Jardin, a tiny and trendy little restaurant hidden behind a big metal door, deep in the Medina. As soon as you entered you forgot the busyness of the souks outside and dwelled in the tranquil surroundings. We ordered a tagine (obvs.) and a various little Moroccan nibbles. Seeing that you're eating in utter greenery you'd find tiny turtles casually walking around. Le Jardin is definitely a good spot to grab some lunch as you're discovering the souks and fills you up nicely, trust me you'll need all the energy you can get with that sun! 

I'm probably the only person who'd go to an amazingly rich and diverse country and still order a Hamburger....
The dessert was just divine, I can only describe it as some sort of sticky toffee pudding infused with dates...yum!
If you're looking for European vibes in this African city, definitely head there! I just loved the slight St. Tropez feel and the stunning rooftop views. We literally stayed there until the early morning...

I may have a problem with burgers...
To wrap up our amazing time in city we had our final farewell dinner at the famous Comptoir D'arna. The minute you walk through the drapery you just know that it's going to be a special night. The food was amazing and the attention and care from the waiters was just incredible. Definitely the friendliest bar/restaurant staff in town. If you stay late enough, you might catch a glimpse of the belly dancing performance! Dining here was the absolute highlight of our food experience in Marrakech, you HAVE to go there!

Note: We completely lucked out with he strong exchange rate going our way and most of dishes were priced at 50 Dirham or less which equals around £3-£4. Only the dinner at le Comptoir Darna came to about £50 for 3 people...which still is quite okay.

We couldn't leave Marrakesh without having a spot of lunch at Cafe Arabe. I was vastly falling in love with all the rooftops in the city and next to the Nomad, the views at Cafe Arabe are amazing! Again, I'm probably the only person who'll go to another country and eat cuisines from other countries so I went and had some lovely pasta. Also, if you're looking for the best Mojito in town definitely head there, honestly I don't think I've ever had one this good!

Other noteworthy eateries: 


We decided to stay at Riads for the majority of time and booked one spa day in Essourouia. We wanted to get as much as we could out of the city and majorly thought of the Riads as places to put our heads down after a long day of exploring. However, I'm not going to lie...the Riads were so beautiful that leaving them in the mornings presented itself to be a bit of a struggle!

Riad Olema et Spa

Lovely little Riad with a mix of both modern and Moroccan hints. I can't fault the place and found it to be a nice and lovely stay. An oasis of calmness and utter tranquillity.

This Raid felt like a home! The owners were so kind and accommodating that you never felt like a guest but like a friend who came to visit. I must have looked like a loon snapping pictures of every little vase and tea light....

Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa

Ohhhweee! If you want to lay up your feet 'Sex & the city style' you must visit Essaouira and enjoy the beautiful blue surroundings. We stayed at the Sofitel for a day of pampering and utterly enjoyed it. Lux pure, naturally I was all up for it! Quick side note, I was not prepared for the quite hands on approach of a Hammam...but that's another story to tell. 

Here are my fave spots to eat and sleep in Marrakech, a city I won't forget for quite some time. What are your travel plans this year? 

Anne xx 
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