Do It Yourself Honey | DIY Coconut and Coffee Scrub

Now, you know I love me some coffee. Literally, I have about 2-3 cups a day tbh I really need to look into curbing that. But apart from coffee being my ultimate pick me up in the morning (you know when that coffee hits your soul? That.) Coffee is a fantastic ingredient to incorporate into your beauty regime, yup beauty regime...

Coffee, in particular coffee grounds have amazing an amazing impact on skin and are known to be fantastic cellulite buster but have an even more amazing effect when it comes to reducing puffiness. In fact, it was my hairdresser who recommended applying some coffee & coconut oil to some dry and irritated patches on my skin. I wasn't too sure but thought to give it a go - You know me, I love mixing a few potions here and there.But looking further into it, I found out that coffee beans actually have amazing benefits when it comes to your skin. Some of the benefits include; improved circulation, overall firmness to the skin, reduced puffiness under the eyes AND complete and utter exfoliation. 

Keeping it entirely simple, all you need are two ingredients: Ground coffee & (solid) coconut oil. If you're feeling extra you grind some coffee beans but its a bit of a faff and time consuming...unless you're a bit like me and take your coffee quite seriously.


Ground coffee 
Any will realistically do, however I'd suggest getting good coffee, as natural as feasibly possible. There's a coffee shop in Manchester's NQ (North Tea Power) and they have amazing ground coffee. 

Coconut oil 
There's this amazing Ebay store where I get all y natural ingredients from. Everything from Rosehip oil to Castor oil, this Ebay store is life! 

Step 1.  Grind your coffee beans OR take half a table spoon of ground coffee
Step 2.  Mix the coffee with the coconut oil 
That's it.
At this point it's entirely up to you - you can apply it directly to your skin (pls pls patch test first) OR pour it into moulds and let it chill in your fridge/freezer. Because I'm lazy I always just cling film it into small balls and put them in the fridge. Being coffee and full of caffeine, this isn't the best thing to use late at night before you're going to bed, but more of a pick me up in the morning.

I'm completely into my DIY masks and love mixing natural ingredients to get that bright and clear skin. I'm planning on featuring another DIY mask using Rosehip oil. I don't understand how Rosehip oil isn't a bigger thing, it's completely amazing and revives dull skin. They don't want me to tell you, but I'm gon' tell another post!

Let me know what you thing of this quick coffee and coconut skin fix!

Anne xx

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