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I'm quite picky when it comes to moisturisers and always place my faith in one particular brand of moisturisers. But when I received this little gem, I couldn't contain my excitement. 
Being from Germany I knew a little bit about Weleda. I remember my kindergarten teacher applying a generous amount to our dry hands in the winter whilst we were playing outside. - I always knew that Weleda is all natural and a 100% kind to to your skin. However for some reason I never quite manage to get my hands on one of their products myself. 

It comes in a nifty package, the small tube itself feels very sturdy and robust. I might sound completely weird but- I'm saying that it feels more sturdy in your hand as its slightly more robust than your usual hand creams - it's not the type of tube that'll crumple in your bag and gets all punctured and leaky - I guess only people who carry their whole life in their handbag will understand...

Texture & Scent
The cream itself is quite thick and rich- perfect if you ask me. If your skin is more on the oily side I'd use it sparingly, though it would be the perfect night cream. Because I'm a bit of an old lady I loved whipping out this hand cream and generously apply it to my hands throughout the day. If you're really sensitive to any type of scent I do have to say that it's quite strong. It's good these lovely 'herby and woody' notes that just remind me of winter. 

Listing wild pansy extract and chamomile flower extract in the ingredients it's no wonder that it's great for your skin. Chamomile Flower Extract is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory capabilities whilst also soothing and calming irritated skin. Wild Pansy extract is perfect for tackling dry and rough skin -  perfect for those elbows of mine. Together with Calendula Flower extract and rosemary leaf extract it really is a perfect natural blend. 

My experience
I incorporated the moisturiser into my nighttime routine and I have to say it's been quite short of amazing. I completely understand the hype. It hasn't been that cold as of yet so I've been going easy when it came to using it on my face. However, the rest of my body in particular my elbows and legs have seen a positive change. Applying the cream to my elbows the night before, leaves them hydrated throughout the following day. I'm mightily impressed. I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks now and I can't actually imagine leaving this little gem out of my nightly routine. 

I really got into oil cleansing as of late - smothering my face in oil, letting it soak in for a few minutes and then using a hot towel to remove some of the oil on my face. I really do believe that this method of cleansing gives you that lasting glow. I replaced my usual argon oil with the skin food and let me tell you the outcome was amazing! Honestly. I felt like my skin drank a giant cup of water and just felt rested. This nifty thing really does it all. 

If there's one thing you need this winter it's this little gem. My skin generally tends to act up and when it gets really cold, I even suffer from cold burns - my skin gets so irritated by the cold that it flares up and gets very very sensitive.

Weleda's Skinfood can be directly bought online and is available in 3 sizes

 I mean if Adele and all the supermodels sweat by it, it must be a gooden' - and who knows I might full get that supermodel glow and will be able to say bye to those Instagram filters. Let me know below if you have tried Skinfoods or any other Weleda products, I'm curious to get to know more about the brand. You can also get Skinfood here & here

Anne xx

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