NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation In Macao

I finally did it. Can you believe that this is my first Nars foundation purchase ever?!
Though, I remember buying the sheer glow foundation ages ago and literally returning in the same breath...long story short. I bough the Nars sheer glow foundation ages ago, all happy with my purchase I made my way to the exit. I happened to walk by the Dior counter and changed my mind on a whim, returned it and went home with the Dior Skin Foundation... In hindsight, it was a mistake. if the sheer glow foundation is as good or nearly as good as the new Luminous Weightless Foundation - I lost out big time! Right let's do this...

Packaging wise, Nars can never go wrong with their packaging. Its sleek, compact and glass, so Anne-Marie don't drop this one! 

I was matched up at my local Selfridges. Determined to get a sample first I was a bit disappointed, Nars don't give out samples I was told.... as I wasn't sure between New Orleans or Macao I jumped the gun and went with Macao. ( New Orleans has got more of a red undertone)

I think we can all agree that we love a glass bottle with a pump when it comes to foundation....

Now, I do have to say that it might look a bit lighter than my actual skin tone but working it in will result in the foundation blending it beautifully. I was advised to apply the foundation with my fingers after I raised my concerns that foundation on me usually gets darker as the hours pass. The sales assistant did apply it with her fingers onto my skin...

"If you dab one pump of foundation into the palm of your hands and use your fingers to apply it, it'll stay the exact colour as the palms of your hands are usually warm  - Sales Assistant'

I do love that technique and agree that the colour really stayed the same. I loved the finish it gave me after applying it with my fingers. Coverage wise, it does what it promises. The coverage is great and on good days I 'll be able to pass on the concealer. It provides a natural looking finish and doesn't really need powder to set it, the pigment wears well and stays for the whole day on my combination skin. Initially, I thought Luminous would mean that there would be some sparkly bits in the foundation...if you know what I mean but no, the end result is a matte and even tones bright complexion. I even got one or two   'your face looks good today' comments...

 The only thing I'd have to say is that even after a couple of washes the foundation stain was still visible. (Picture below) It took a bit of soap and scrubbing to get it entirely off. One one hand, it does show the great coverage  but on the other, staining my clothes is a possibility. However, applying the foundation with a brush will fix that slight problem.

Shameless selfie...I haven't applied concealer in this picture, giving you an idea of the great coverage.

You can chose from up to 20 shades retailing at £33, so there's a right shade for everyone. It's a bit more expensive than your other high end foundations but it's definitely worth it. With one pump for good coverage you'll go a long time with this product. -Plus, it's fragrance free!
I'm definitely a fan and will be sticking with it for a while. So in short, is it worth the hype? Yes. 

What are your thoughts? What are your Nars favourites?

Anne x

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