I'm Black, Can I get Sunburn? Let me explain...


Up until my late teens I was of the belief that people with darker skin don't get sunburned. Alas, we can blame a lot of things for this mis-education. I vividly remember how me and other kids with darker skin tones were skipped when it was time to lather up the sunscreen at school. (...in Germany. I think  noteworthy to say that growing up in mainland Europe was just different.  the level of knowledge and understanding of darker skin had simply not made its way onto continental Europe)

Now much older and much wiser, sunscreen has become an ESSENTIAL when it comes to my skincare routine. Long gone are the days where I only applied sunscreen whilst on the beach on holiday. Sunscreen is an everyday essential, its part of moisturising, its common sense...

Unfortunately like a lot of things beauty, a lot of products have not been developed being mindful of darker skin tones. During my younger years it seemed next to impossible finding one that wouldn't leave white cast. But now beauty & skincare brands have taken note and updated their formulas to accommodate those with darker skin tones. As ever, I'm trying skincare products so you don't have to! Here are my favourite dark skin friendly SPFs i can't live without with. 

More Dark-Skin Friendly Sunscreens

What are your favourite sunscreen options? 

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