On the Shelf | Mindful Book Recommendations

Short & sweet, the books that shaped me and helped me get a better understanding of finding myself! 

If you don't believe in God, this book is not for you. Through the love of God it teaches you how LOVE is all around us and how loving in general brings you heart contentment. 

Next, we have possibly a book that's special. I started reading Vex King's Good Vibes, Good Life a while ago and i finished it within hours. It's the perfect book now that you can spontaneously pick up and read, you don't necessarily have to start reading it from the beginning, but can pick and chose chapters. 

I can't say that i have a favourite passage, I simply wouldn't be able to chose! It's a book that will stay with you for a while and will definitely make you think as you go on about your day. 


The next book is for all you working ladies. It can become quite daunting when it comes to navigating the working world / corporate world. - especially as a black woman. Hands up if you have ever been in a meeting and you contributed with a valid point only for it to be dismissed and verbatim reiterated by a man in the romm? Yeah. Hands up if you realised your worth and you realised that what you have been getting was just not enough? Then this next book is for you...

I love this book from Otegha Uwagba, it's the perfect book for any women who possibly doesn't have the network and needs advise when it comes to all matters working. 


The next book is for all the lovers, the ones who love using song lyrics as Instagram and TikTok captions. This book will bring a good dash of romance into your life. 

Last and certainly not least...this book is close to my heart. This book is great in showing you that its okay to fail, okay to approach things a bit differently. Not everything has to go down the short and narrow. Ultimately, YOU are able to decide the outcome! 


These are my mindful book recs, what are yours? Are there any books that have shaped you? 
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